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Maggie Senior

by Proxima Lighting

A flexible lighting solution for your NEW & RENOVATION projects

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Presented by
Proxima Lighting Solutions

With its flexible structure and reliable connection system, the magnetic track lighting system provides endless creativity.

Its easy rearrangement feature, a wide range of light heads, and various installations (recessed, surface mounted, & pendant) make it easy to mix & match as well as to achieve your desired concept.

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What do our clients say?

"Maggie Senior has been selected as one of the most unique products in the Buildex Vancouver 2022."

"Proxima's Maggie Senior Series is easy to install and offers flexibility whenever I need to adjust the lighting." 

"We were able to illuminate IQ dental clinic that's bright & welcoming by installing Maggie Senior on the concrete ceiling."

- A2H Design

- Informa Canada

M+ Architecture

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