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Light Pollution

Outdoor lighting has been a necessary part of our urban lives. While it has contributed to our safety and has cleared our paths, some unpleasant side effects have arisen. 

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The effect of UV light on inactivating the Corona virus

This article tried to give more information about coronavirus and its causes. The rest of this article pointed at the suggestions to inactivate the corona virus with UV light. In this review the applicability of UV disinfection from the perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic were explained

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The Effect of UV Disinfection on public restroom surfaces

Part 1

People spend the majority of their lives indoors where they are constantly exposed to bacteria residing on surfaces. However, the diversity of these surface-associated communities is largely unknown

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Light and Sustainability

Due to disasters such as the Covid-19 virus and another contagious disease, growing concern about the surface and air contamination in the often heavily-populated means of transportation...

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Case study review:

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation in Transportation

Due to disasters such as the Covid-19 virus and another contagious disease, growing concern about the surface and air contamination in the often heavily-populated means of transportation...

UV disinfection in public transporation.

UV disinfection

in public transportation

Cost-efficient, personal safety, reduced pollution, fewer accidents, and less traffic congestion are the typical benefits of public transport leading people to use transits.

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Ultraviolet disinfection gadgets

The rise of the infection cases in recent months (due to COVID19) has led to a significant, yet predictable, increase in the sales of ultraviolet-based disinfection gadgets...

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UV Disinfection in Public Transportation
Part 2

This text addresses UV disinfection in airplanes. An airplane is a place where microorganisms can potentially be transferred. Due to the widespread outbreak of the coronavirus, the current debate revolves around whether passengers travel by plane or not. Many tried to alleviate fears of flying during the pandemic by UVGI1

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Horticultural Lighting System
(Grow Lights)

Whether you are planning your garden early, trying to grow inside, or plan to keep a planted aquarium, you will have to provide your plants with adequate lighting so that they grow robust and healthy. Either the light comes to them, or they go after the light and become lanky and weak

More articles 
to come...


The Effect of UV Disinfection
On Public Restroom Surfaces

Part 2

In the previous part of this article, we acknowledged that, according to the studies,
UV disinfection is an effective method of self-cleaning in eSOS toilets [1]. Toilet
flushing generates airborne particles that contain bacteria and viruses [2].


Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

Even though Coronavirus (or more specifically COVID-19) caught every one of us by surprise and probably changed the way of life that we were used to, completely; it is only an example of hundreds (and more)...

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Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation in Educational Facilities

As the 21st century continues to unfold, it has witnessed the widespread growth of the COVID-19 epidemic virus across the world spelling disaster for large groups of people in various types of facilities, ranging from Health care to commercial ones...

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Non-Visual Effect of
Light on Pets (Part 1)

Light can affect all animals and pets in various aspects. Many animals prefer to stay in the dark, while some others constantly seek sunlight. There are multiple types of lights, and each can influence pets differently, both beneficial and harmful.


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