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With a flexible structure that provides a reliable and flexible connection system, the magnetic track lighting system is both easy to install and highly energy-efficient. Its easy rearrangement feature, a wide range of light heads, and various installations make it easy to achieve your desired concept. Available in surface mounted, recessed, and pendant. NdFeB rare-earth permanent magnets with working temperatures up to 80℃ are also used in their advanced design to ensure the fixture's effectiveness for years to come.

Magnetic Series

Maggie Senior

Maggie Senior’s versatile structure and its wide range of track accessories are suitable to be used in a variety of settings to bring your desired concept to life. The surface treatment offers perfect strong adhesion finishing to protect the fixtures from moisture and ensure a flawless finishing.

Maggie Petite

Maggie Petite collection is suitable to be used as accent lights to illuminate your valuable items. Its high CRI performance allows Maggie Petite's three-level option display to highlight details that are both brilliant and reductive.